Digital Campaign Marketing


In today’s technology-centered world, setting up a successful campaign without the use of digital strategies – like social networks, sms, websites, blogs, and online advertising – is virtually impossible.

How do you set your own campaign up for success?

Take a look at these campaigns that have done well in the digital realm and how we will help you adopt their techniques.

  1. The Obama Campaign

Obama’s 2012 campaign announced itself via an online video titled “It Begins With Us.” The use of technology didn’t end there. The team spent a reported $9.3 million on technology services and consulting.

What exactly did the campaign do with all this investment in tech? They used technology to measure their success. Then they used that data to tweak their techniques and provide even more value to voters and more success for the campaign.

What can you learn from this? Investing in the tools to track your success can lead to even bigger successes. Don’t be afraid to look at the data and tweak your strategies.

  1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This viral campaign was started to raise money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. What really made this campaign take off, however, was its integration with social media. The idea was for participants to film themselves pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on their heads, post the film on social media, and nominate others. If you were nominated, you would either have to donate to ALS research or do the ice bucket challenge. Many participants did both.

Since this campaign spread so quickly over social media, it raised more than $100 million.

What can you learn from this? Successful digital campaigns involve integration with social media.

  1. Coca Cola Move to the Beat

In 2012, Coca Cola ran a campaign called “Move to the Beat” in which they used Olympic hopefuls and their sports to create a song. It didn’t just stick to a TV commercial, however. It used a documentary, the song, television, Beat TV, and mobile apps called “The Global Beat” to target teen customers. That earned them more than 25 million video views, 242 million social media impressions, and 1.5 million new Facebook fans.

What can you learn from this? Be relevant. Be timely. Connect to your audience’s interests.

Plain Truth

With the elections in full swing, Kenyans are focused on deciding who will get their vote. Certainly, the issues remain an important part of political campaigns. However, a candidate’s image also plays a significant role. Voters must be able to envision a candidate for that position being vied for.

That is where political marketing strategy comes in. Beninda Group defines marketing as the activities involved in making people aware of a product. In politics, the product is the candidate. Political campaigns use huge staffs of marketing experts who work to spread effective messaging widely. Marketing and politics go hand in hand.

Marketing and Politics

Politicians have always used techniques to court the support of the masses. From Roman emperors holding gladiator fights to European monarchs building city improvements, leaders seeking to gain the favor of the people is not anything new. But because Kenya is an established democracy, the political game has changed. Voters have the ability to support candidates they like.

What We Will Do

Today, political campaigns will follow digital ‘plays’ to reach the largest group of people. Here are the marketing strategies we will use to bring in the numbers for you.

SMS Broadcasting

Mobile SMS Campaigning is one of the most effective, reliable and cost effective ways to reach to your electorate. Because SMS is extremely personal, therefore the response ratio is much higher than other campaigning channels. In Kenya up to 38 million people are using mobile phones.

Bulk sms marketing has become one of the most important tools for Election Campaigns. Political parties have found sms marketing very useful for Fundraising. Sms marketing is also used for organizing Rallies and gathering supporters (crowd). On the Election Day bulk sms marketing is used to remind voters for their valuable participation.

Beninda Group will provide the valid mobile numbers for that respective area you are vying. Our Bulk sms sending solution is vast and provides reports that give information needed to make decisions.

Negative Marketing

As mentioned, negative campaigning remains a huge part of political campaigns. More than 80 percent of campaign ads are negative in current political arena. Campaigns use negative ads to attack an opponent. To some, negative campaign ads can seem dirty and unsportsmanlike, but they traditionally work. Some well-executed negative campaigns can have a massive impact on an election. Our team will come in handy in crafting and making these reach to the electorate.

Direct Mailing / Fliers

Despite today’s campaigns having a substantial presence online and on social media, they continue to use time-tested strategies like direct mailing. Still effective with older voters, direct mailings and fliers are also handy in passing the message. We will design, print and distribute these to your area.

This practice, which goes back as far as 1970’s, will help you reach voters who aren’t tuned into television or browsing the Internet.

Digital Marketing and Politics

Clearly, the Internet has altered political campaigns and marketing. Now campaigns have to maintain a digital presence for their candidate, and they have many new channels to distribute messaging as well as communicate with voters.

“Both of Obama’s presidential campaigns are considered master classes in digital marketing in an election. He used the Internet in a way that had not been done before and was able to reach previously unengaged voting blocs.”

Public Outreach

The Internet offers easy and efficient method to reach the general public quickly. We will setup your own domain for the campaign and map it to your social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook). This will come in handy with fundraising and grassroots organizing. Information about supporters will be found online, helping you to engage with the electorate in real time.

“Obama’s commitment to digital outreach fueled an extensive grassroots campaign that used the Internet to organize, even in places where there was little campaign presence. Supporters called voters from their personal computers. They revolutionized email campaigning.”

Digital Branding

We will use the Internet to provide unique ways for you to develop your personal brand and platform. Your website will allow for in-depth descriptions of views and issues. Social media offers an easy way to share content for wide distribution. With so many opportunities to spread the word, you will build a brand voters will identify with.

You will be able to create a digital brand based upon your message of change. This simple message and your narrative of being a political outsider will truly resonate with the general public. You will use digital media to share the story on your own terms and reach voters who are previously unengaged. You will register massive numbers among young and minority voters.

Social Media

The emergence of social media has helped candidates not only reach more people, but also target them more specifically. Social media marketing will allow you to spread your messages both broadly and quickly. You will also develop extremely targeted advertising and messaging. Ads can be tailored to groups by age, location and other demographics. This can go a long way for efficient social campaign teams.